Sample Menu

Menu changes depending on what is available in the farm.


Patacones *

Green plantain chips served with dips


Garden Salad *

Seasonal greens, tomatoes and dressings

Talbos ng Camote Salad *

Comote tops, tomatoes, onions, and calamansi and fish sauce dressing


Pasta / Noodles * 

House made malunggay pasta/noodles prepared Asian style (pancit) or Italian Style (in tomato or olive oil)

Smoked and Roasted Meat

Meat (pork or duck) smoked and roasted in our pugon oven served from the oven or braised in sauce and vegetables

Cooked Vegetables #

Seasonal veggies cooked as stir-fry or in coconut milk



Fresh or cooked in sugar (minatamis) or in coconut milk (ginataan)

* Vegetarian

# Can be vegetarian, please inform us in advance


Pugon Roasted Pig (Lechon) available upon request and advance order. Additional charges may be charged.