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A Note from the Weekend Farmer

    When I discovered farming around 2008, I had practically zero knowledge and skills in agriculture. All I knew is that I had this desire to reconnect with the land. It was my way of knowing the essence of my existence as a beloved child of God.

  However, the issue of fertile land that can give the most bountiful harvest had eluded me for some time. It was like a Holy Grail that escaped my limited perspective. But then I discovered that I must first understand the soil by close examination.  It was a slow process.  Natural farming mimics the forest, how the many dried leaves and twigs add to its organic matter, building up the soil and protecting it from the elements. When I began to understand how it all works, I became very protective of it. Indeed, when I gave it all the nurturing and caring, nature was generous in giving.

  Visiting and working on the farm on weekends (hence, the brand name “The Weekend Farmer”), I juggled my schedule as a professional interior designer and a struggling farmer. Although I was completely inexperienced in toiling the land, nature became very patient and taught me its ways. The key was spending time in and with the farm. I embarked on this new path with one single purpose: to do it organically, that is, to do farming the natural way in order to provide my family with healthy food from its soils.

  Along the way, I immersed myself in a lot of books on ecological farming, studied about natural farming and vermicomposting, at the same time endlessly sowing seeds on my own. Yes, I made lots of mistakes in the process, but because Nature was my teacher, I was rewarded with its patience and unconditional support. Several years had passed and this weekend farmer has become the consummate farmer for all seasons.

- Pinky Cruz Peralta 

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What We Stand For

Nature Rules


We are just recipients of these vast ecological diversity. As we take from it, we must also observe and follow how it wants to be managed and taken care of. By observing its ways, its change of seasons, and its elements (earth, wind and solar), we enter into a symbiotic relationship, where we partner with it for our own benefit. As such, we respect all life forms as life-giving sustenance for the whole food chain. All plants, animals, and even worms and fungi find their own important place in the whole life cycle.

Nature Needs
Our Care


At The Weekend Farmer, we are guardians and custodians of natural resources,   from the perennials to the veggie patch, from livestock to the poultry, and even down  to the agricultural wastes. Recycling, Reusing and Reducing is a way of     life here. No waste nor harmful chemicals enter the soil which is the lifeline of  all life forms.

Nature is Sustainable


We design systems that will become sustainable for people to live abundantly in the land they are blessed with. We implement systems for the whole farm to be productive on and off season using technologies like processing and fermentation.  


Education is a primary tool in disseminating this knowledge. When we educate, we give full equipping for people who are interested to know, and give them empowerment through the things they discover and learn in the farm. This in turn will enrich the lives of their family and inspire them to become good stewards in their own circle of influence.

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