The Workshop

Growing your own food

A lot of times people come to me and say” I wanna grow my own veggies but I simply can’t. I just don’t have the green thumb”, or “I just don’t have the land”. The Weekend Farmer seeks to demolish this limiting mindset.


Thus, to empower every individual seeking to grow their own food to provide for their family, learning modules are established to ensure capacity and skill even from zero background. One doesn’t have to have tons of head knowledge to start being healthy. We just have to follow some simple steps and make a lifestyle out of it.


Processing your produce

When you have plenty, it’s time to store for the rainy days, TWF gives training on how to preserve thru fermentation, drying, and smoking. When you are skilled in ensuring shelf life of your items, you not only enhance its flavor, you avoid shortage when these veggies are out of season. Giving value to your produce is part of making you live sustainably and sufficiently.


Discover Watercolor 

Once a year, every summer The Weekend Farmer herself conducts "Discover watercolor" workshop at The Weekend Farmer farm to a select few who are eager to learn how to express their creativity through this medium. Interested people can enlist in advance and will be given priority once a date is finalized. Saturday, 9am to 4pm pm. If interested, contact us for details.


Creating your traditional medicines

TWF believes healing comes from God, and He provides healing to those He loves. In fact, He, gave all these traditional plants for us not only for food but for         healing. Let us then be guided on how we can be knowledgeable in using these medicinal plants. TWF provides a module on providing a step by step and hands- on technique in creating your herbal balms, tinctures and oil infusions for our  overall well-being.

Because It’s in our nature to grow.

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